July 11, 2018


What are Packaging Cartons?

A packaging carton is a cardboard box that is used for packaging goods and raw materials. When transporting goods, it is important that carton boxes be durable and strong in order to protect the materials.

An additional benefit to packaging carton boxes is that they can be branded, which makes them act as marketing materials. In this case, it is extremely important that high-quality prints are used.

How are Cartons made?

Cartons are typically made of corrugated paper. They are constructed by sandwiching a “flute” between two liners. Cartons are very often made from recycled content, sourced from old cardboard or other sources of second-hand paper.

How are Cartons Used?

Carton boxes are used in medium-large and small-scale industries for storing, protecting, identifying; facilitating the sale and distribution of agricultural, industrial and consumer products.

Virtually all manufactured and processed goods require packaging during some phase of their production and distribution.

What makes good Packaging

Good cartons or packaging boxes must maintain the purity and freshness of its contents and protect them from the outside environment. The packaging boxes itself must present no chemical hazard.

The package should also identify the contents and their quantity, and it must facilitate distribution. The package may contribute to the convenient use of its contents by special dispensing or closure features.

How does Graphitek maintain the quality of their packaging?

At Graphitek Ventures Limited, we test for ruggedness, size, weight, and printing to verify that all cartons meet internal and customer specifications.

These quality control checks are part of our standard production process with tests ranging from routine and quick to complex and lengthy. Quality control tests can either be automatic or manual to ensure customer satisfaction.

How to Order Cartons?

Contact us to get a free consultation. You can also find out more about ordering cartons in this article: What to know when ordering packaging carton boxes